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Our probate process makes end-of-life planning simple, affordable, and accessible.

Our wills and estates lawyers in Brisbane believe that everyone should have access to high-quality legal services. When it comes to estate planning and wills, using an experienced estate lawyer to provide comprehensive legal services can be crucial. Our legal team specializes in estate law and understands the overall planning process.

Our legal services utilize the best technology available to ensure a seamless process that is as quick as possible, whilst also ensuring that your information is always secure. In addition, creating an effective estate plan is one of our expertise. An estate plan includes legal documents to protect your assets and ensure your wishes are honoured after passing.

Our estate attorneys truly value our clients and are empathetic to their situations, which is why our expert wills and estate lawyers are always available to consult with you. Our personalized legal advice and representation ensures your specific needs are met. Our team is committed to guiding you through the estate planning process, offering estate advice, and helping you make informed decisions.

Your Will & Estate Lawyers is owned by Turner Riddell Lawyers which has been operating in Brisbane, Queensland since 1990 and practices in additional legal areas of Family Law and Conveyancing. If you require the services of an experienced wills and estate Lawyer in Brisbane, contact our firm today. Our legal representation combines professionalism and expertise. Schedule a consultation today to discuss your estate planning needs and have peace of mind knowing that your affairs are in capable hands.

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Your Estate Planning Documents Are Safe With us

Ensure your loved ones can easily access your will and other documents. A will is a legal document that allows you to designate how your estate assets will be distributed after your death. Our trust lawyers in Brisbane are well-versed in drafting wills that adhere to legal requirements while reflecting your intentions. By involving an estate planning lawyer, you can ensure that your will is valid and enforceable.

We can store them in our Safe Custody at no charge to you. You of course receive a copy of all your legal documents from us. We also lodge a copy of your will in InfoTrack’s Australian & New Zealand Will Register. Whether you need help selecting an executor, estate litigation, trusts, guardianship, wills and trusts, asset protection, care planning or any other elder law matters, contact our estate attorney today.

If you direct us to do so, we can ensure copies of your Advanced Health Care and Power Of Attorney documents are sent to your attorneys. In addition, our Brisbane wills and estates lawyers are able to arrange to obtain with your authority your original wills and other documents from wherever they are currently held.